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Dr. Irina Harris

Role: Unspecified

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Dr. Irina Harris is a Lecturer in Logistics and Operations Modelling at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University. Irina’s background is Computer Science and her PhD focused on multi-objective optimisation for strategic and tactical network design from economic and environmental perspectives as part of the Green Logistics project. She has gained extensive knowledge of logistics modelling, transportation and optimisation through a partnership with industry and other academic partners. Irina’s research interests range from logistics networks and operations modelling to collaborative partnerships and sustainable supply chains with the focus on data analysis and evaluating trade-offs related to different objectives. Her recent work also includes application of Information Systems/Technology in business/logistics environment. She published in the highly-ranked international journals including Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review and International Journal of Production Economics.

Keywords: Logistics and Operations Modelling; Social and Environmental Sustainability; Multi-Objective Optimisation; Technology Adoption; Knowledge Sharing

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